Who we are

The CFG Computer Forensic INC is a digital forensic company based in Brampton, Ontario, established in 2006. The main focus of this organization is to conduct digital forensic investigations, training and research, as well as promoting the digital forensics profession here in Canada and the world at large, especially Africa. Our target clients, as our name indicates, are Corporations, Financial Institutions and Government Organizations.

Why you need us

As the digital divide has made the world smaller, and access to the Internet has become easier than ever, with the proliferation of malware, hacking tools and P2P software, crime perpetrated on the Internet has been on the rise. There is the need for Corporations, Financial Institutions and Government Organizations to have the right tools to combat these threats in real time.

We are Solution Partners to Decision Group Inc.a world class Taiwanese Company, providing Solutions to Lawful Network Packet Interception and High Technology Crime Investigation. Decision Group has a solution for Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide for gathering network evidence of criminal activities, while maintaining the privacy of law abiding citizens, with our I-warranty and I-monitor systems, specially designed for Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the world who might need it. For More information, please click here

We are also the resellers for Cyber Security Technology, makers of next generation software for computer investigations in Ontario and West Africa. Cyber Security Technology (CST) is the innovation leader in affordable software products for computer investigations. CST was formed by industry veterans who see the need for new investigative tools designed for changing the investigative environment. We are dedicated to delivering technically advanced but easy to use software products for corporations, government agencies, service providers and law enforcement, as well as related training and certification. CST is an affiliate of Architecture Technology Corporation, a technology company specializing in software intensive solutions for complex problems in IT security and high-security network computing applications.

Our Vision

To partner with leading Digital Forensic Solution providers of the world, and grow to become a Multinational Corporation with branches located globally, providing excellent services.

Our Mission

Provide affordable Digital Forensic Solutions to Corporation, Financial Institutions and Government organizations with excellence, integrity, diligence and honesty.