Who are we?

CFG Forensics is a Technology company specializing in Investigative forensics, Security training and regulatory compliance. Read More . . .

What do we offer?

  • Security Training
  • Compliance Services
  • PCI DSS Services
  • Computer Forensics
  • More services . . .

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Providing Excellence in Training

We provide valuable, innovative training services to individuals, businesses and institutions in ways that will impact their growth and potential as skilled employees to enhance organizational growth reduce turnover and increase profit.

CFG Forensics

Our forensics division provides investigative services to companies requiring guidance or help with security incidents. Our qualified and experienced forensics investigators provide organizations with services that help them identify and remediate vulnerabilities and threats.

PCI DSS Compliance

Service Providers and merchants that store, process and transmit cardholder data are responsible for becoming and maintaining PCI DSS compliance. CFG's experienced QSA's help organizations to interpret the PCI DSS standard and guide towards achieving compliance. Our PCI services include ASV vulnerability scans and penetration testing.